How NOT to create a presentation

So you’ve been asked to do a presentation – good for you, particularly if you’re relatively new to this and see the request as a great opportunity to step up. (More experienced? Hang on in there, even you may find some helpful tips here.) Q: What’s the first thing you’re going to do? A: Fire… Read more

Pros and cons of in-house training and trainers

Image by Ron Harvey/Deposit Photos Having been in my current line of work for over fifteen years, I often get asked to run ‘train the trainer’ workshops for clients’ internal trainers. What typically happens is that someone (usually senior, and/or in HR) decides that the expertise on the payroll needs to be shared much more… Read more

Dehydration and its effect on performance

It’s nutrition and hydration week, so I thought it timely to point out how our performance at work can be affected if we neglect these two vital aspects of our wellbeing – and what we can do to improve it. (pauses and takes a good few gulps of water) Nutrition When we’re stressed, and particularly… Read more