Book review: ‘Virtual Leadership’ by Penny Pullan

Up with the lark to lead a conference call with India? Or being forced to be a night owl, to contribute to the weekly round-up video call with HQ in the USA? Or, as some clients tell me – both? Then this book will really help you. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr Pullan… Read more

7 tips for better meetings

Some extremely productive people avoid meetings, notably Seth Godin who says, “I don’t watch television and I don’t go to meetings. So I have 7 more hours every day than everybody else”. Crikey, he’s very keen isn’t he? What about the rest of us who don’t have much of a choice about whether or not… Read more

Why write? Benefits of keeping a journal

Image ‘Recycle notebook’ by @jcsmilly / Deposit Photos It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and that means two things: The Mental Health Foundation publishes its latest research, ‘Surviving or Thriving? The state of the UK’s mental health’, which makes troubling, yet essential, reading.   Social media noise and advice abounds – some good, some not so…. Read more

10 self-development resources

  Zoomly’s workshops always include suggestions of relevant resources for participants to follow up with. Often, after the workshop, people ask for advice on where to start and where to look for resources to help them develop on a more personal level. So I thought it would be worth sharing my top 10 self-development resources…. Read more