Half-way through 2017: check-in with your goals

How is 2017 going for you so far? Yes, we really are almost halfway there. Which means now is a great time to stop, think, take stock of how we got to here, what we’ve achieved, where we’re on/off course and steps we will take to achieve our goals for this year. My advice: find… Read more

7 email tips

Image ‘email overload’ by VectorStory / Deposit Photos The two biggest bugbears of contemporary working life are meetings and emails. We wade through a swamp of the former and are regularly overwhelmed by a torrent of the latter. The volume of email is mind-boggling: Palo Alto tech firm Radicati predicts 269 billion emails will be… Read more

10 trends to consider in your career plans

Image ‘Telling the future’ by everett225 / Deposit Photos Given what I do for a living – writing books, facilitating and coaching groups and individuals to improve their performance at work, just in case you were unsure – I like to stay informed and follow the trends about careers. Which means hours of fun reading… Read more