Half-way through 2017: check-in with your goals

How is 2017 going for you so far? Yes, we really are almost halfway there. Which means now is a great time to stop, think, take stock of how we got to here, what we’ve achieved, where we’re on/off course and steps we will take to achieve our goals for this year. My advice: find… Read more

7 email tips

Image ‘email overload’ by VectorStory / Deposit Photos The two biggest bugbears of contemporary working life are meetings and emails. We wade through a swamp of the former and are regularly overwhelmed by a torrent of the latter. The volume of email is mind-boggling: Palo Alto tech firm Radicati predicts 269 billion emails will be… Read more

10 trends to consider in your career plans

Image ‘Telling the future’ by everett225 / Deposit Photos Given what I do for a living – writing books, facilitating and coaching groups and individuals to improve their performance at work, just in case you were unsure – I like to stay informed and follow the trends about careers. Which means hours of fun reading… Read more

7 tips for managing your boss

  Your relationship with your immediate boss is one of the most important professional relationships you’ll have. Over the course of your career you’ll pick up loads of lessons from the different people you’ll report to – yes, even when you make CEO. Your manager has a huge impact on how you feel – about… Read more