Psych Stuff – March 2022

  As we wave goodbye to Q1, it’s time to compile my quarterly round-up of articles and resources based on psychology. How are those New Year resolutions looking? It’s no surprise that we’re more likely to stick to healthy behaviours – jump on the bike, eat well, stay hydrated, etc – if we’re in a… Read more

Are you prioritising the right work?

Participants in Zoomly’s ‘Plan & prioritise’ and ‘Handle pressure’ workshops often talk about a sense of overwhelm, due to being unclear about what’s really top priority. All their plates are spinning (well, most plates if people are honest), it seems simultaneously – and so are they. But what’s actually getting done? Technology and our capacity… Read more

10 ways to get ahead with learning at work

Even though you may have left full-time education long ago, there’s something about this time of year that still gives us the urge to learn something new – it’s ‘Autumn Term’. The year has just four months to go, and yet we still can’t quite [insert skills or knowledge gap here]. This is not a… Read more