10 resources to build your self-esteem

  At this time of year I’ve noticed that we can feel a dip, a slump, or even a collapse in our self-esteem. Why? See if any of these apply to you: That new gym membership hasn’t been used It’s still cold and dark outside The diet has stopped, or hasn’t been started Money’s tight… Read more

The verdict on UK managers? ‘Must try harder’

Each year, Investors in People (IiP) publish their ‘Job exodus trends’. This does what it says on the tin: how many people are thinking of leaving their jobs in the coming year – and why? At the end of 2017 IiP polled 2000 people. Remember, 2017 saw the lowest UK unemployment levels since 1975 (4.3%… Read more

Staying on track with those NY resolutions

  Full of New Year resolution? Good for you! To help you achieve your goals for 2019, I make no apology for dusting off this timely post. Watch out for 4 typical traps we can fall into when goal-setting – and what to do about them. Here’s to your success. It’s that time of year… Read more