2018’s most popular

Whether you’re winding down or still working at full throttle, I hope there’s something in this post that’s just what you need for a quick boost – or a completely new perspective.

2018’s most popular TED talks

Want to catch up on TED talks? Here you go – TED’s top 25 of 2018. No, I can’t claim to have seen all 25 (being selective is a skill I’m working on…), but the talks on emotional agility, language and thinking like a computer get my vote thus far.

British Psychological Society’s Research Digest

I love this feed, particularly the most recent post on ‘self-explanation’ being a more effective way of learning than ‘instructor-explanation’. If you’ve ever had to write a book summary, you’ve probably experienced this. The current top 5 popular posts include Scott Barry-Kaufman’s wonderful update on Maslow’s self-actualization theory, and a great piece on the power of drawing (over writing) for memory.


You can read 2018’s most popular articles from McKinsey Quarterly here, a top ten list of the best of McKinsey’s research and insights.

CCL’s management presentations

Center for Creative Leadership has looked at their most frequently requested keynote talks and offers ‘5 Hot Topics: CCL’s Most Popular Presentations’. These include mentoring, leading through change and mental toughness – along with some handy resources.

HR Review

Always quick to share news for those with a HR / People / Talent / Culture remit, here are their most viewed stories for 2018. The ‘eating crisps at the desk’ story beggars belief.

Harvard Business Review

HBR’s ‘most popular’ list has some worthwhile reads, whether the topic’s leadership, team building or sales.

DDI’s Leadership Blog

The US-based leadership specialists have compiled their Top 10 Leadership Blogs of 2018 – lots to chew on, particularly about diversity and inclusion. They’re all worth a read; my favourite is ‘The 4 questions leaders must ask’

Best business books

According to The Financial Times and McKinsey, here are the best business books of 2018.

The Independent lists its pick of ’16 best non-fiction books of 2018′ – ranging from high finance and politics to a memoir of the extraordinary Marie Colvin.

And some predictions for 2019…

Nesta, the innovation foundation, has some interesting – and some scary – predictions for 2019.

What resources are on your ‘best of’ for 2018?

Note: updated on 12 January 2019.



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