A feast of festive season survival tips

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It’s that time of year when we find ourselves at all kinds of gatherings – family, social, community and work, to name just four. Some of us just luuurrrrrve the idea of this festivity – but not all of us.

I’ve written about this before, and make no apologies for including links to two of my previous posts in the list below as they still apply to anyone who wants to survive the festive season happily and healthily.

Below are some handy resources and essential reading before you venture off to get your glad rags on and party like it’s…

Even fun-loving Australians can use some words of wisdom about what to do and not to do at the office Christmas party, courtesy of Josie Chun on Career FAQs (translation alert: ‘the office spunk’ means ‘the office hunk’, just in case you were wondering).

5 festive season survival tips – by yours truly, with links to great resources from others, this is for you if you dread all that chit-chat.

Straight talking, good Welsh common sense and a priceless video clip all feature in The Daily Post’s ‘10 tips to survive the office party’.

Staying healthy at the office do is the last thing on most minds, but in case this is a dream for you, here are 10 tips for health from realbuzz. Actually you don’t have to be a health freak to need tip #10. The one about the photocopier…

If you’re unsure about the kind of behaviour that could literally cost you (and your colleagues) your career, People2People HR expert Lisa Johnson (another Aussie) lays it out here in her ‘How to survive the Christmas Party’ post. I completely endorse her tips on smartphones and not-so-smart usage of them.

If it’s the family gathering you dread, you can learn from the Danes how to do Christmas like a Viking – they really celebrate Christmas in style, as Scandophile Helen Russell reports in The Daily Telegraph. My favourite tips in this piece include ‘Make the children do the washing up’ and ‘Remember, Schnapps is your friend’.

More festive season survival tips – another one by yours truly, this includes the wonderful Debretts guide to hosting the family at Christmas.


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