7 sins of delegation

Delegation seems simple to some; maybe too simple. You give a task to a colleague, and they get on with it – nothing to it! Hmmm…If you’re thinking, ‘really, how hard can it be?’, there may be some lessons heading your way. Are you guilty of any of these ‘sins of delegation’? 1. No context… Read more

7 tips for receiving feedback

I’ve written a lot about giving feedback, particularly in The Feedback Book. It’s an essential skill for anyone who works in a team and/or manages people in the workplace. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that that feedback isn’t just given – it’s also received. How do you feel when a colleague says, “I’d like… Read more

Ask or tell? Which works best?

    One of the first things that any decent coaching course will cover is the ‘ask-tell’ continuum. Over on the far right we tell people things – from a straightforward answer through to details of what to do and how to do it. On the left we ask them. Both have their uses; each… Read more

Merry Christmas!

Wherever you are and however you celebrate the holiday this year, here’s wishing you a very safe and happy Christmas. If you’d like to take some time over the holiday to review your year and set your goals for the coming year, I’ve got a workbook you can download. Just click the link below. Reach… Read more

Best of 2021’s business books

If one of your goals for 2022 is to deepen your knowledge, raise your awareness and learn from others’ triumphs and trip-ups, then one or some of these books might belong on your ‘Dear Santa’ wish list. The 2021 Financial times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year is ‘This is how they tell me… Read more

Psych Stuff – December 2021

Whoosh, there goes another month so here’s my quarterly pick of psychology-based articles and resources that help us better understand what’s going on around us – and within. “Resilience is emotional sunscreen” So says wellbeing guru Liggy Webb, adding the point that being resilient isn’t about ‘toughing it out’, especially in these trying times and… Read more

6 tips for 1:1s with your manager

  1:1s have been a hot topic for me lately – whether that’s managers wanting to be more prepared and resourceful, or team members wanting to have a more in-depth conversation and get more support from their manager. Maybe it’s that time of year, when we look back at what’s worked well, what could have… Read more

Interview questions to help you hire right

  One of Zoomly’s clients took an interesting approach to their six-pack of bite-sized workshops: they repeated the same topic, ‘How to interview potential recruits’, six times. This meant that they were able to provide essential basic training for all the managers who get involved in the hiring process. Some of them were pretty senior,… Read more