Workers ‘unhappy with training’

Recent research by online learning provider Citrix GoToTraining suggests that employees value provision of training – even though many are unhappy with the training they get. Main gripes: Thankfully, my company doesn’t get involved in compulsory, irrelevant training (though maybe there’s an opportunity…to do it right), and content is updated regularly. Feedback is what keeps… Read more

Robust learning objectives

Here’s a pet rant: learning objectives that begin with ‘understand’ or ‘know’. Yeah right, people will just ‘know’ the stuff they’re being trained on. How will we know they know? How will we be able to tell they understand? What will be the signs? What will be better, different? How will an impartial observer be… Read more

ROI of training

According to the National Employers Skills Survey of almost 80,000 employers, published by the Learning & Skills Council, £38bn a year is spent on training.  Now, as that figure was published in May 2008, it’s reasonable to guess that maybe, just maybe, training budgets have taken a bit of a hit recently.  Even so, we’re… Read more