Evaluating creative work? 6 tips to build your opinion muscles

Want to better handle those moments when you’re asked to evaluate creative work, a.k.a. feed back to the people who did it? Yep, there’s a Zoomly bite-sized workshop for that*. This is something that happens a lot in creative enterprises of all persuasions: content creators, ad / design / media / branding / experience /… Read more

Nurture your creativity

Image ‘Creative Painting Idea’ by @ arrtfoto / Deposit Photos Draw I’m a big believer that we can all draw. No, we’re not all Picasso, but we can all draw – with a little practice. Stuck for inspiration? If you doodle, try developing your skill at cartoons. Start small and familiar rather than trying to… Read more

Why write? Benefits of keeping a journal

Image ‘Recycle notebook’ by @jcsmilly / Deposit Photos It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and that means two things: The Mental Health Foundation publishes its latest research, ‘Surviving or Thriving? The state of the UK’s mental health’, which makes troubling, yet essential, reading.   Social media noise and advice abounds – some good, some not so…. Read more

Pros and cons of in-house training and trainers

Image by Ron Harvey/Deposit Photos Having been in my current line of work for over fifteen years, I often get asked to run ‘train the trainer’ workshops for clients’ internal trainers. What typically happens is that someone (usually senior, and/or in HR) decides that the expertise on the payroll needs to be shared much more… Read more

Book review: Too Fast to Think, by Chris Lewis

The irony wasn’t lost on me that Chris Lewis’s ‘Too Fast to Think – how to reclaim your creativity in a hyper-connected work culture’ had been sitting on my desk for several weeks before I got to read it. I think it’s worth the wait, with some simple, practical tips and ideas for how we… Read more

What do people really mean when they ask for ‘collaboration’?

For some time now I’ve been doing a fair bit of work around collaboration – at least that’s generally the starting point. Yet when we dig deeper into what’s really going on ‘collaboration’ may be what someone says they want, but isn’t really what they’re after. The harsh reality is they actually want someone else… Read more

10 tips for getting past procrastination

Image © franckito Do you have a reputation for being great at Getting Stuff Done? (BTW, one of my clients has that phrase as a core competency – except instead of ‘Stuff’ they use another word beginning with S…) If we’re honest, most of us seem to have things that we put off – even… Read more

2 essential idea generation techniques

When we’re trying to generate lots of new ideas we often try too hard. What we really need to do is stop trying and simply brainstorm whatever comes to mind. However this can be really hard to do, because a) we look at the problem / issue / question from our own right-here-right-now perspective and… Read more

12 ideas for your next idea generation session

Force random connections Our brains love puzzles and games; forcing random connections is a great way to get us out of our habitual ways of looking at and approaching an issue. For example, you can ask your group to: 1. Play with metaphors. How is the challenge like: a car? A work of art? A… Read more