Stop dithering and start delegating

What’s stopping you from delegating? This is something we deal with right at the start in Zoomly’s ‘How to delegate effectively’ workshop. For example, people can feel very uneasy about the whole idea of asking someone to take on a task and get it done. Typical objections that I’ve heard include: “They’ll think I’m arrogant”… Read more

7 steps to better delegation

1. Choose carefully Yes, it’s very tempting to delegate that task you’ve always hated (as in “it’s a s*%t job but I had to do it” – how motivating does that sound?) But it may be inappropriate to delegate it, wholly or in part. If you’re unsure what to delegate, you can try different approaches… Read more

What can you do if someone’s work isn’t good enough?

You’ve delegated a task to a colleague. They’ve been working on it without needing any help from you – or so it seemed. Finally, the time comes for you to review what they’ve done. Frankly, the work isn’t up to the standard required. What can you do? First of all, well done for getting past… Read more

10 Delegation tips

When managers are overwhelmed, one of the first things they lose their grip on is delegation – yet that’s precisely why they need to keep delegating, and doing more of it. Whether you’ve been delegating for ages and think you’ve mastered it but would like a refresher, or you’re new to managing others and want… Read more

How can I delegate when I don’t have time to explain?

One of Zoomly’s best-selling 90-minute workshops is ‘How to delegate effectively’ and, no matter where or with whom it runs, there are always cries of, “but but but – I don’t have time to delegate!” Fair point: most of us are ‘crazy busy’, working longer hours yet seemingly getting less done, being more distracted yet… Read more

Are you delegating, dumping or micro-managing?

When we run Zoomly’s ‘How to delegate effectively’ workshop, something participants need help with early on is their reluctance to delegate. This can show up as self-imposed obstacles that get in the way such as, “I don’t want to overload them”, “I’m not sure they’ll get it right”, “I’m too busy to delegate properly” and,… Read more