Are your Millennials on the move?

I’m hearing and seeing some fairly extraordinary employee turnover figures for the media/marketing communications sector – over 30%. Eye-watering stuff if you don’t work in the industry and enough to make you weep if you do. This is more than double the national average. OK, so media/creative land has always had a more, ahem, dynamic… Read more

Hiring and managing young people

This is an increasingly hot topic, and rightly so. According to the CIPD’s recent research, a young person is 3.5 times more likely to be unemployed than an adult. Before you shrug and say, “Too bad, but times are tough”, stop and think about the long-term implications of that. For your current employer, the business… Read more

Managing Generation Y – Is There A Backlash On The Way?

For some years now, there’s been a lot written and said about Generation Y in the workplace and how to best attract, develop and retain them. All the while, there have been some off-stage whispers of resentment that this generation seems to have everything handed to them as the ‘war for talent’ rages on. These… Read more