6 essential steps to get stuff done

Participants in Zoomly’s workshops often ask ‘how do I…?’ questions and they always give me food for thought. One topic that always generates lots of questions is productivity: “How can I get stuff done?” I think there are six essential steps to focus on if we’re to improve. 1.Set and focus on your goals We… Read more

Defaulting to email? Beware …

When participants in Zoomly’s ‘How to communicate for clarity’ workshop pause to take a brief self-assessment, they often realise they default to one or two methods – which may not be the best for their message. Reassurance that they’re not alone is needed, and then we can get down to work. So first, let’s deal… Read more

Email on holiday? 10 tips to handle it – updated

Around this time last year I created this post in response to requests from participants on Zoomly’s ‘Plan & prioritise’ and ‘Handle pressure’ workshops. It seemed to be popular so no apologies for updating it and reminding you how to handle email while you’re taking that well-earned holiday. With a big ‘Thank You’ to those participants… Read more

Sleep: why we need it and tips for better zzz

Why do we need to sleep? Surely we’ve got better things to do than spend an average of a third of our lives asleep? Especially as most of us say we’re ‘crazy busy’. If you’re thinking, “If I’ve got so much to get done, surely cutting out an hour or two of sleep each night… Read more

Are you prioritising the right work?

Participants in Zoomly’s ‘Plan & prioritise’ and ‘Handle pressure’ workshops often talk about a sense of overwhelm, due to being unclear about what’s really top priority. All their plates are spinning (well, most plates if people are honest), it seems simultaneously – and so are they. But what’s actually getting done? Technology and our capacity… Read more

What’s the best music for working?

‘Music for working’ – which picture best matches your response to that idea? Is it this? Image by vectomart (Monalisa Dakshi) / Deposit Photos Or this? Image by ramonakaulitzki (Ramona Kaulitzki) / Deposit Photos When I’m not facilitating workshops or in client meetings, chances are I’m either working at home (bliss, yet sometimes domesticity gets… Read more

Dehydration and its effect on performance

It’s nutrition and hydration week, so I thought it timely to point out how our performance at work can be affected if we neglect these two vital aspects of our wellbeing – and what we can do to improve it. (pauses and takes a good few gulps of water) Nutrition When we’re stressed, and particularly… Read more

Money worries affecting your work performance?

Image by photocosma (Cosma Andrei)   Disclaimer – please take note: I’m not a trained financial advisor, which is why I’ve aggregated specialist resources that have far more knowledgeable people than me working to provide help. I simply want to give information to readers who may be finding it tough right now. 1 in 4… Read more

10 tips for getting past procrastination

Image © franckito Do you have a reputation for being great at Getting Stuff Done? (BTW, one of my clients has that phrase as a core competency – except instead of ‘Stuff’ they use another word beginning with S…) If we’re honest, most of us seem to have things that we put off – even… Read more

10 tips for getting stuff done

If you’re trying to get noticed at work for the right reasons, you need to build a reputation for being someone who gets stuff done. No dramas, no missed deadlines and no nasty surprises – yes, that sounds very basic but it’s surprising how many people just don’t seem to be able to get stuff… Read more