10 questions to help you deliver a great presentation

Something I often hear when running Zoomly’s ‘How to deliver presentations’ workshop is that the client company has ‘their way’ of doing presentations. What that usually means is that they have a house style and guidelines for the slides. Whilst that’s all well and good – and preferable to dozens of different styles randomly being… Read more

10 reasons why you need to rehearse your presentation

  Just because you wrote your presentation – (OK, most of it. Or your bit if it’s a team effort) – don’t think you needn’t rehearse. Creating your content and delivering your presentation are two very different things. Ask anyone who’s ever overlooked that point – like the social media bigwig who flew in to… Read more

DOs & DON’Ts for visual aids

Over the past few weeks I’ve been fortunate to see some really great presentations. The very best ones were highly engaging, interactive and memorable. As for the visual aids, there was not a bullet point to be seen. If you want to be remembered for your message (not the monotony of your slides), bear these… Read more

4 alternatives to the ‘hard copy of the deck’ take-away

What do you give people to take away from your presentation? Or if you’re at their place, what do you leave behind? Please don’t let it be ‘a hard copy of the deck’. Why? Because your presentation take-away has to work in a different way to your presentation. You’re no longer there to build engagement… Read more

10 Tips to make your presentation skills training REALLY stick

Year in, year out I get asked about presentation training. We’ve all heard that the prospect of pubic speaking is reckoned to be scarier for most of us than death. When we run our Zoomly workshops on ‘How to write presentations’ and ‘How to deliver presentations’ we always encourage participants to get some real-world practice… Read more

Presentation Tip: Involve Your Audience

“Oh no, surely not? Isn’t it enough already that I have to do a *@$% presentation?” Well, it depends… How much do you want your audience to buy into what you’re presenting, and how thoroughly do you know what they respond well to? If the answer to both those questions is “a lot” then you… Read more

Presentation Tip: Harness The Power Of Your Voice

Most of us who do presentations spend far longer preparing our visuals (the dreaded ‘deck’) than we do our voices. Yet our voice is an enormously powerful medium. Ask anyone who’s sat through a monotone presentation. Or listen to a brilliant orator. Getting some variety in our vocal delivery is vital to emphasise key points,… Read more

MBTI and presentations

If you know your Myers Briggs® Type you can use knowledge of preferences to ensure your presentation works for your audience’s needs.  Much of how our Type turns up in everyday life is second nature to us – we can take it for granted.  When we’re preparing a presentation we may fall into the trap… Read more