Stepping up with your strengths – or stuck in your comfort zone?

Sometimes we can hold ourselves back without even realising it. We’re working hard, taking focused time to get stuff done, doing what we’re good at – playing to our strengths. But there’s the potential rub: we may be staying stuck in our comfort zone when we could be stepping up. Questions about this often come… Read more

Can strengths be a performance risk?

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a Big Fan of the strengths-based approach. I’ve seen teams and individuals light up with a new sense of purpose and a boost to their energy once strengths are identified. But this isn’t la-la land; there is actually a potential downside to our strengths. Used in the… Read more

Play to your strengths to promote your personal brand

When I facilitate Zoomly’s bite-sized workshop on ‘How to build your personal brand’ we take some time to reflect on our strengths, and it never ceases to surprise me how tough some people find it to name and claim what their strengths are. Maybe it’s us Brits hesitating to blow our own trumpet? Possibly –… Read more

Book review: Optimize Your Strengths by James Brook & Dr Paul Brewerton

It’s no surprise to this reader that ‘Optimize Your Strengths’ comes with endorsements by some pretty big hitters, such as Facebook, BNP Paribas, the London School of Economics – and an Olympian. Both the book and its theoretical foundations are being adopted by employers big and small. This is a slim volume and an easy… Read more

Why should you bother identifying your strengths? (And how?)

There are heaps of self-assessments, ability tests and personality assessment tools out there (I should know, having trained in a fair few). For the most part, they can be useful; particularly when it comes to raising self-awareness – the first step to becoming more emotionally intelligent. (By the way, if you want to check out… Read more