Happy Christmas!

Christmas Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones, hoping it’ll snow, glued to a screen, heading for the sun, missing someone, having a party, travelling for a well-earned break – or wondering where your delivery is – I hope Christmas brings you some cheer and the New Year brings your hopes and dreams. Thank you for… Read more

6 steps to better meetings

                              One of the many things I love about my job is coming up with new workshops, such as ‘How to make meetings work’. People are telling me – and it’s been my observation – that meetings can hijack heaps of… Read more

Want to avoid the 4 traps awaiting in-house trainers?

So let’s get the shameless plug out of the way first: I’m often asked to train trainers who run in-house training sessions. Phew, that’s better. Now, having been doing this for several years there are 4 traps I frequently see in-house trainers fall into. Here they are, with my advice on what to do about… Read more