More festive season survival tips

  At this time of year we’re often with those we’ve known longest – our partners, families and friends – and yet can also be right out of our comfort zone. Unfamiliar places, beds, habits and food. Or a sudden influx of in-laws requiring bed and board. Stir in a few unrealistic expectations of the perfect… Read more

5 festive party survival tips

Some of us love parties – and some of us don’t. Party-lovers relish the opportunity to see lots of old acquaintances and make some interesting new ones. They enjoy the buzz, the energy, the noise. Some love the spontaneous stuff that just seems to happen at parties. Others amongst us can find parties quite difficult,… Read more

Help! My boss expects me to work late all the time

  This issue has cropped up in those ‘Can I just ask you something…? ’ moments at the end of workshops a fair bit lately. Usually the questioners are in the early stage of their careers, don’t know who to turn to and what to say. It’s a tricky one for us trainers as: We… Read more

How to handle conflict? 10 tips to try

What is conflict? Definitions vary wildly – from a difference of opinion to an all-out confrontation. Wherever you find yourself on that broad spectrum, it’s well worth stopping to think about how you handle conflict. Why? Because we tend to default in tricky situations – and often in ways that aren’t helpful. And as differences… Read more

Going on holiday? Beware the ‘let-down effect’

Looking forward to a summer holiday? Really feel in need of that break? Good for you – and yet, watch out. You may be heading for a holiday illness as part of the ‘let down effect’. The term was coined by Marc Schoen to describe the way our immune system can also pack its bags and… Read more


There’s a lot of talk about sleep at the moment; partly I suspect it’s because (in the Northern hemisphere) we’re headed for that time of year when the nights start earlier and many animals hibernate. There’s also been a lot of media coverage, with Dr Michael Mosely once again putting himself through sleep deprivation in… Read more