4 traps awaiting in-house trainers – and how to avoid them

So let’s get the shameless plug out of the way first: I’m often asked to train and support trainers who run in-house training sessions. Phew, that’s better. Now, having been doing this for several years there are 4 traps I frequently see in-house trainers fall into. Here they are, with my advice on what to… Read more

7 Tips for In-House Trainers

Maybe it’s because I’ve been designing and leading learning workshops for a while now that people ask me to help their in-house trainers. Maybe it’s because the L&D budget has been cut and suddenly an in-house ‘faculty’ is needed. Or a bit of both. Whatever the reason, I think that sharing the expertise already on… Read more

Going on holiday? Beware the ‘let-down effect’

Looking forward to a summer holiday? Really feel in need of that break? Good for you – and yet, watch out. You may be heading for a holiday illness as part of the ‘let down effect’. The term was coined by Marc Schoen to describe the way our immune system can also pack its bags and… Read more