Q: Are the workshops available virtually?

A: Yes. The most popular topics are being delivered via Zoom. As with the face-to-face workshops, the virtual versions are highly interactive, with downloads and follow-up resources to help the learning stick.

Q: Isn’t 90 minutes a bit…quick?

A: The workshops are designed to deliver focused learning nuggets whilst being highly interactive. 90 minutes is a time frame that most people can squeeze into their day – which helps attendance levels.

Q: How much? How many?

A: Zoomly’s 90-minute workshops are delivered in packages. The minimum number of sessions is 6 within 12 months – which is why some clients refer to them as ‘6-packs’. You can of course have 7, 8, 9 or any number greater than 6 in your package. Choose the topics that best suit you from the menu. For fees, please get in touch via hello@zoomly.co.uk.

Q: What’s included?

A: All fees include handy workbooks for your participants (research suggests they hang onto them for a long time, and refer to them often). Feedback is collected at the end of each workshop. You get tips to help with management buy-in, full attendance and transfer of learning back at the job. A follow-up session provides a snapshot of learning being applied. You also get a detailed feedback and attendance report at the end of your package.

Q: Who else has Zoomly’s bite-sized learning?

A: Clients range from large multinational music and entertainment companies to savvy start-ups – and everything in between. Check out testimonials from some recent clients.

Q: Who runs the workshops?

A: You get an experienced facilitator leading the workshops. You’ll be able to meet them ahead of the start of your programme.

Q: How long does a 6-pack last?

A: It’s up to you; if you want a short, intensive bootcamp your 6-pack may last a few days. If you want to provide training for more than one cohort, you may want to have several workshops over a longer period of time. Clients often like to set up a frequency of workshops, for example first Tuesday of the month.

Q: Can we use Zoomly’s workshops as part of our in-house academy?

A: Yes – clients with their own academy find that these bite-sized workshops vary the format and help maintain momentum.