Mondays can be a joy

In fact, we’d go as far as saying we believe you should love your job. One of the quickest ways to reignite your professional passion is to look at old things in new ways. Leave that part to us.

Everyone’s got 90 minutes

Even the most over-solicited, double-booked people can escape their desk for 90 minutes. Especially when they return to that desk empowered, inspired and armed with top tips on time management.

Theory’s great, practice is better

Let’s get to the point: rather than drown you in background notes, we just serve up the juiciest bit on a plate. We’d rather you remember one powerful thing than ten interesting facts. And then apply it of course.

Some things never change

Yes, some behaviours are just down to basic human nature. Understand yourself and your colleagues better through the science lens, but be reassured, we’ll keep the science bit light. We’ll show you how to use these insights day to day.

Some things always change

Stay current, relevant and competitive by sharpening your skills and updating your files with current best practice in all the areas you need to stay ahead of the game.

Powerpoint kills

Dull graphs and long theory simply don’t exist in our world. We prefer lively, practical workshops with lots of energy to spark off ideas. So that’s exactly what we’ve created for you.