Psych Stuff – December 2021

my quarterly pick of psychology-based articles and resources

Whoosh, there goes another month so here’s my quarterly pick of psychology-based articles and resources that help us better understand what’s going on around us – and within.

“Resilience is emotional sunscreen”

So says wellbeing guru Liggy Webb, adding the point that being resilient isn’t about ‘toughing it out’, especially in these trying times and in the depth of Winter. Read Liggy’s 10 key strategies to build your resilience here.


David Rock has evidently got his finger on our pulse; most of us are tired. His article for HBR helps us to get going on hard things. Tiredness is one of the obvious causes of brain freezes or ‘cog fog’ – or ‘pandemic brain’. We’re on high alert much of the time, for ourselves and our loved ones; meanwhile, our routines have been shaken. Help is at hand: the Your Brain at Work blog has five ways to deal with cog fog.

Psychology behind the scenes

Here’s an interesting use of psychology: getting actors to work with a Jungian dream coach (in LA, of course). Kim Gillingham was brought in during pre-production by director Jane Campion, to support the actors develop their characters. Can’t wait to see the film – her first in 12 years.

Which works best: excellence or perfection?

A fascinating research study from Canada suggests that striving for perfection can get in the way of excellence, shutting down our creativity. BPS reports (with a link to how to deal with failure)

Give the gift of kindness

Action for Happiness is encouraging us to be kinder this month, by sharing small acts of kindness, such as being generous with our time, rather than money. Download their ‘Do Good December’ calendar of daily actions – it’s not too late. BTW, it seems we enjoy deep conversations with strangers much more than we expect to, so how about starting a conversation with someone who looks in need of some kindness?

Lighten up

When we’re down, our energy levels sink along with our mood. Being productive seems too hard… Brilliant Alice Boyes shares her five strategies to break the cycle of negativity.

Moving abroad in 2022?

Living abroad is more than a change of scene; it can help us get to know ourselves in ways that wouldn’t happen at home. HBR has food for thought.

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