Time for a mid-year review?

Time for a mid-year review?

Yes, it’s almost the half-way point of this year. Many of Zoomly’s clients will be conducting mid-year reviews, performance check-ins, appraisal updates – whatever the label, you get the idea. In the overwhelmed, virtual, always-on, everything-needed-now everyday rush, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the big picture; the things – and the people – that mean a lot to us. It’s time to pause for thought – before it’s too late.

Why bother?
If it all seems like too much effort, try this question: how many of your goals for this year (whether professional or personal) have you achieved? Can you even remember what those goals were? Give yourself a pat on the back if you can. Goals aren’t something we can ‘set and forget’ – so now’s a good time to review.

A lot may have changed over just six months:

  • Your goals may have changed (and new ones may have been added)
  • YOU may have changed: become a parent, a spouse, newly-single or a carer
  • Your priorities may have changed

What to review?
Look back at the last six months.

  • What have been the high points so far? Why?
  • What low points have you experienced?
  • What have you learned from both highs and lows?

Chart your progress against your goals – visually.

  • Are you 10%, 20% closer? Or even 75% of the way there?
  • What will you gain if you reach the goal by December?
  • What could you lose if you don’t achieve it?

Where to review? (clue: your workstation might not be the best place)
Time for a mid-year review?








Go for a long walk, in the countryside, or by the sea / river or in a park. Or maybe an historic building, or an art gallery (if current restrictions allow). If it has to be virtual, find a different visual for your backdrop.

Who with?
#1 might just be with yourself, in quiet reflection if that works for you. If you’re focusing on your professional goals you will need to have a conversation with your manager, so set aside some time to prepare and then review your goals and your progress with them. Get their feedback and input on the most important priorities. Also, get your manager’s endorsement of any training you need to support your development.

You may also have a mentor, whether at your workplace or beyond – they can be a source of clear-sighted wisdom as you share your review. Or you can work with a coach to act as a sounding board for your ideas.

Consider teaming up with a buddy, a more informal arrangement, whether you’re both going for promotion,  expanding your skills, or setting up a book club.

So now what?
As you reflect on your year so far, you’ll get some ideas about what you want to keep (new behaviours that are working well) – and what you want to kick (bad habits and time wasting). There may be some areas you want to clean up or clear up, such as a working relationship that’s got off to a bad start. There could be something you want to celebrate.

You may want to adopt some new habits to ensure you stay on track; small rituals such as a morning check-in where you write down your big goals and the steps you’ll take towards them today. It’s amazing how re-writing your goals every day can keep us on track. If you need a nudge, set aside time in your calendar.

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Dawn is the author of ‘The Feedback Book’ and ‘How to be Zoomly at work’

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