Productivity tip: notice how long it takes to do stuff

Generally, I’m an optimistic sort of person. And generally, that works pretty well for me. One lesson that I seem to continually need to learn is that my optimism can play havoc with productivity. Why? Because I’m somewhat optimistic about how long stuff takes to actually DO. Something tells me I’m not alone here. We’re… Read more

Delegation tip: create a checklist

When we run our ‘How to delegate effectively’ workshop, two common reasons people give for not delegating more are, “I haven’t got time”, and, “They won’t be able to do it as well as me”. Of course, the flip answer to these time-honoured excuses is in the same vein – “You’ll never have the time… Read more

Are you in or out of touch with your emotions? Try this…

Here’s a quick way to find out just how in touch with your emotions you are. Write down, right now, in just 20 seconds, all the emotions you have felt in the last 24 hours (Or type them in your smartphone, whatever). No cheating. If you’ve got heaps of different words that describe your emotions,… Read more

Can I just finish…

There’s heaps of research that supports the idea that men interrupt women more than they interrupt other men (just Google it if you don’t believe me). Women aren’t alone in being interrupted of course. It can happen to us all. So what to do? Options include: Just put up with it. You’ve been cut off… Read more